The Wikipedia Library

  1. Writing an open-access encyclopedia in a closed-access world

    Photo designed at PLoS, modified by Wikipedia users Nina, Beao, and JakobVoss, freely licensed under CC0 1.0.
  2. Five new positions placing Wikipedians as Visiting Scholars

    Photo by Mathew Ingram, freely licensed under CC BY 2.0.

    Five new university-based positions open up as part of the Wikipedia Visiting Scholars program with the support of the Wiki Education Foundation and the Wikipedia Library.... Read more

  3. New French partners for The Wikipedia Library

    The Wikipedia Library aims to connect writers with high-quality sources. Photo by JHistory, freely licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

    The Wikipedia Library added a new French-language branch earlier this month. Along with this new branch, the library has received three new donor partners to help contributors of Wikipedia articles use higher-caliber sources.... Read more

  4. What happens when you give a Wikipedia editor a research library?

    The Wikipedia Library Team (owl included) reflects on its new Visiting Scholars Program -- and the new content and collaborations it makes possible. Logo by Heather Walls, CC-BY-SA-3.0

    The Wikipedia Visiting Scholars program gives editors special access to university and library resources, which helps them improve content quality and support new collaborations, as part of the Wikipedia Library project. ... Read more

  5. Global Impact: The Wikipedia Library and Persian Wikipedia

    "Persian Language Location Map1" by  Mani1  , public domain.

    Last month, the Wikipedia Library announced another round of digital resource access partnerships to the Wikimedia community. These partnerships allow experienced editors in the community and from all around the globe to access research materials behind a paywall in order to advance our goal of creating and sharing a summary of all human knowledge.... Read more

  6. What we learned from making book grants on Arabic Wikipedia


    In early 2014 the Wikimedia Foundation began an experiment to better support individual contributors to Wikimedia projects, by giving out smaller grants to more individuals (complementing our existing grants to organizations, which mainly fund offline activities). We started by selecting a global south community that did not already have a local chapter meeting its needs: Arabic Wikipedia. […... Read more

  7. Editors find wide range of uses for source access donated by

    "William Crooks at station" by Adam Cuerden, under PD-National Photo Company

    The Wikipedia Library is continuing to build opportunities for Wikimedia editors to access reliable sources, by negotiating with publishers to get Wikipedians free access accounts to their digital databases.... Read more