server donation

  1. We are donating servers

    The Wikimedia Foundation is donating some of their older servers to like-minded US non-profits.... Read more

  2. Server Decommission Donations

    The Wikimedia Foundation  has  been upgrading and adding new servers to keep up with traffic demand and capacity growth as we always do.... Read more

  3. Server Decommissioning Donations

    We have been upgrading and adding new servers for capacity increases as we always do, unfortunately, thanks to the more updated tech, some of our older systems just are not worth the space in our racks.... Read more

  4. Wikimedia donates servers to deserving non-profits.

  5. Server Donation Entry Period Ending

    Just to let folks know, we have had quite a large interest in our donation of some of our decommissioned servers.  In fact, I have way too many emails!... Read more

  6. Server Donation Time Again!

    It is that time again.  We have approx 35 servers to donate to a good home.  These are servers that Wikimedia has used on the projects for 3+ years, so they are out of warranty and just not fast enough for us to keep using on the cluster.... Read more