1. In memoriam of Cynthia Ashley-Nelson

    Cynthia Ashley-Nelson Cynthia Ashley-Nelson passed away Friday, April 11th. She was attending the Wikimedia Conference in Berlin as an AffCom member, and on Thursday had participated on her first annual AffCom meeting. The news about her death has surprised and shocked the people at the conference. I realize there are many people who might not be familiar with her, so I wanted to write a few words... Read more

  2. Remembering Adrianne Wadewitz

    Portrait of Adrianne Wadewitz at Wikimania 2012 in Washington, DC. Each of us on the Wikipedia Education Program team is saddened today by the news of Adrianne Wadewitz’s passing. We know we share this sadness with everyone at the Wikimedia Foundation and so many in the Wikimedia and education communities. Our hearts go out to all of you, her family and friends. Today is a time for mourning and ... Read more

  3. Wikipedian Ihor Kostenko dies on the Maidan

    <a href="">"Ihor Kostenko 1 grayscale"</a> by <a href="">Amakuha</a>, under <a href="">CC-BY-SA-3.0</a>

    February 20, 2014, during the protests in Kiev, Ihor Kostenko – an active contributor to the Ukrainian Wikipedia, journalist and geography student – died tragically.... Read more

  4. Researching collaboration for a better world: John T. Riedl (1962 – 2013)

    Does it matter that women are mostly not editing the most important information resource in our world? Does it matter that one of the most important artifacts in human history tends to be written mostly by males? […] That seems to me really important, and the question for this community, for people with our skills, is: what can we do about it? We know how to redesign socio-technical communities ... Read more

  5. Remembering Aaron Swartz (1986-2013)

    Aaron Swartz was found dead in his New York apartment Friday, an apparent suicide. Aaron was a prolific hacker and a free culture activist. He was also a Wikipedian. Today, the Internet community at large is reeling from Aaron’s early death, and Wikimedia is joining in remembering an extraordinary individual. In 2000, as a 13-year-old, he was the youngest finalist in a teen website competition... Read more