Readers survey

  1. Survey: What do Pakistani readers think of Wikipedia?

    The first online survey of Pakistani readers was conducted to better understand their needs and relationship with Wikipedia. Here are the results. (…)... Read more

  2. “Thank you to all who have contributed in this great work”

  3. Who are Wikipedia’s donors? Answers from the readers study

  4. Readers compare Wikipedia favorably with most major websites

  5. From Readers to Contributors

  6. Most people read Wikipedia on desktops, but mobile and tablets present huge potential

    A lot has changed in the last 10 years with the growth of the mobile web and the introduction of a new class of devices like digital music players, smartphones and tablets.... Read more

  7. Readers in US, Russia, Germany and India are the most pleased with Wikipedia Article Quality

  8. Search, translation tools on top of agenda for readers

  9. Google drives traffic to Wikipedia, but half of readers look for Wikipedia content

  10. Average Wikipedia reader is 36 years old