1. The new Content Translation tool is now used on 22 Wikipedias

    The Content Translation tool makes it easier to create new Wikipedia articles from other languages. In the past three months, this tool has been used by over 260 editors to create more than 850 articles in 22 Wikipedias.... Read more

  2. How content translation improved my wiki edits

    The Content Translation tool has made it a lot easier for Catalan Wikimedians to quickly translate existing Wikipedia articles to and from their mother language.... Read more

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  5. First Look at the Content Translation tool

    The projects in the Wikimedia universe can be accessed and used in a large number of languages from around the world. The Wikimedia websites, their MediaWiki software (bot core and extensions) and their growing content benefit from standards-driven internationalization and localization engineering that makes the sites easy to use in every language across diverse platforms, both desktop and and mob... Read more

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