december 2011 editor survey

  1. Editor survey: Lack of time and unpleasant interactions hinder contributions

    Respondents to the December 2011 Editor Survey reported that lack of time and poor interactions with other editors were the biggest obstacles in their way. Editors that primarily worked on more established Wikipedias (for instance English and German) also talked extensively about the abundance of rules and policies. In an effort to better understand how we can make editing easier for Wikipedians, ... Read more

  2. Survey: Editors see technical operations and features as most important expenses

    Technical operations (more operations staff, new caching servers, performance metrics, uptime) were chosen as the most important use of donation money by respondents to the December 2011 Editor Survey, followed by the development of technical features for new and experienced editors. On average, respondents felt that 26.7 dollars out of every 100 donated to Wikimedia Foundation should be spent on ... Read more

  3. Survey shows improved editor satisfaction

    As many as 57 percent of Wikipedians who responded to the December 2011 Editor Survey scored a perfect ten on the Wikipedia Editor Satisfaction Index. This is a marked improvement over the 47 percent from April 2011, and is based on a significantly larger sample of 5,911 respondents. The average score improved less markedly (7.76 vs. 7.65 in April), which suggests we have more editors at both ext... Read more

  4. 59 percent of logged-in Wikipedians started as anonymous editors

    As we work on new product features to improve various aspects of editing Wikipedia, we asked our editors to share more about their editing experiences. Here are some highlights from the Editor Survey that we found to be valuable: a. 59 percent of editors edited Wikipedia anonymously before creating an account b. Decline in edit activity is more pronounced for experienced editors c. Edit history in... Read more

  5. From adding content to patrolling, Wikipedians do it all

    Contributing to the largest online encyclopedia is not as simple as it appears: it involves a gamut of activities from writing new articles to writing policies and guidelines to participating in the deletion process. But when participants in our survey of Wikipedia editors were asked how often they contributed to certain activities in the last one month, the top three activities they named most fr... Read more

  6. Nine out of ten Wikipedians continue to be men: Editor Survey

    As part of the Wikimedia Movement strategic plan, regular surveys among Wikipedia editors are an important way to take the pulse of the community and identify pressing concerns and needs. We are happy to share results from the second editor survey that was conducted in December 2011. We began survey efforts in April 2011, and results from the first survey are available here. We would like to point... Read more

  7. Launching the Second Annual Wikipedia Editor Survey

    On Thursday, December 8th, the Wikimedia Foundation will launch its second semi-annual survey (2011) of Wikipedia editors.  In order to capture editor trends, we are using the same methodology as the April 2011 Editor Survey – editors logged in to Wikipedia will receive a notification, as every editor is eligible to participate. To ensure that all editors have an equal probability of parti... Read more