content translation

  1. After hitting 300,000 translations, what’s next for our content translation tool?

    Volunteer community members have used our content translation tool to create over 300,000 articles, thereby spreading knowledge across language barriers. The tool has had already a positive impact in many Wikipedia communities, and now the Wikimedia Foundation’s Language team is working on a new and improved version.... Read more

  2. How we designed a more fluent and visually consistent experience for translators

    A recent design refresh for Wikimedia content translation brings visual consistency, simplifies key workflows, and provides better support for small screens and touch devices.... Read more

  3. Brand-new template support for the content translation tool

    Content Translation is getting a major new feature: completely re-written support for templates, making it easier to translate templates across languages.... Read more

  4. Content translation tool hits milestone with one hundred thousand articles

    Since its introduction in January 2015, the Wikimedia Foundation’s content translation tool has been used to translate 100,000 new Wikipedia articles. We asked some users to share their experiences on how this tool helped them.... Read more

  5. Semi-automated content translation is coming to Scandinavian Wikipedias

    Machine translation between Scandinavian languages with the Wikimedia Foundation’s content translation tool will soon be a reality, allowing every contributor and editor on Wikipedia to help expand free knowledge, regardless of their spoken language.... Read more

  6. Find, Prioritize, and Recommend: An article recommendation system to fill knowledge gaps across Wikipedia

    Millions of articles are missing across Wikipedia’s language editions. Recommendation systems can help close these gaps.... Read more

  7. Wikipedia’s coverage of essential vaccines is expanding

    Language shouldn’t be a barrier when it comes to accessing quality health information.... Read more

  8. Wikimedia Highlights, January 2016

    Here are highlights from across the Wikimedia movement, as reported on this blog in January 2016: Content Translation tool has now been used for 50,000 articles; Who edits Wikipedia?; “Wikipedia is a testament to what we can create together as a global community”: Sara Mörtsell; and more.... Read more

  9. Content Translation tool has now been used for 50,000 articles

    Last year around this time, we announced the arrival of a new tool that evolved out of an experiment aimed at making the editing process easier for our users. The tool in question—Content Translation—has been used by more than 11,000 editors across 289 Wikipedias to create more than 50,000 new articles.... Read more

  10. Content Translation helped create 30,000 new Wikipedia articles this year

    Content Translation has helped create 30,000 new Wikipedia articles since the beginning of 2015. In our latest update, we’ve covered some important milestones.... Read more