1. Canadian Supreme Court rules against Google in favor of worldwide court orders

    The Canadian Supreme Court ruled that Google must remove search results worldwide, dismissing concerns that this may impede freedom of expression for people outside of Canada or inspire other countries to censor speech.... Read more

  2. Quebec City mosque shooting: In the wake of tragedy, Wikipedia responds with facts

    Two weeks ago, many people around the globe were affected by the news of the Quebec City mosque shooting. Wikipedia editors quickly documented the tragedy on Wikipedia. ... Read more

  3. Wikimedia Foundation advises Canadian Supreme Court to support freedom of expression worldwide in intervention filing for Google v. Equustek

    The Wikimedia Foundation has filed an intervention brief advising the Canadian Supreme Court of the importance of considering free expression and access to information before issuing court orders with worldwide impact.... Read more

  4. Wikimedia Foundation intervenes in Canada to protect online free expression

    The Wikimedia Foundation has filed a motion to intervene in the upcoming Canadian Supreme Court case Equustek v. Google. The Foundation’s filing challenges overly broad global content removal orders that threaten online free expression and access to information. If the motion is granted, the Foundation will have eight weeks to submit a formal brief. ... Read more

  5. News on Wikipedia: Liberals win in Canada, as told by Wikipedia

    Canada’s 42nd general election resulted in victory for Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party. Find out how Wikipedia editors responded to every twist and turn along the way.... Read more

  6. Canadian Copyright Collection from the British Library on Wikimedia Commons

  7. Quebec school project improves French Wikipedia