1. Community digest—First-ever Wikipedian-in-residence in Brazil; First women in science edit-a-thon in Venezuela

    Photo by MGromov, CC BY-SA 4.0.

    The position will stimulate the use of Wikipedia as a means of scientific dissemination; twenty-one women scientists now have articles on the Spanish Wikipedia.... Read more

  2. News on Wikipedia: Explosions in China, Brazilian protests, and more

    See story for photo credits.

    Find out how Wikipedia is covering this week’s current news events: A bomb blast near a shrine in central Bangkok kills 23 people; Protesters in more than 200 Brazilian cities demand the resignation of Dilma Rouseff; A series of massive explosions in Tianjin, China, kill more than 114 people; American golfer Jordan Spieth becomes world number one, while Australian Jason Day wins the 2015 PGA... Read more

  3. Improving computer science articles on the Portuguese Wikipedia

  4. Brazilian Wikipedia editing workshop in homage to International Women’s Day

  5. Design professor encourages students to improve Portuguese Wikipedia

  6. Improving evolution articles on the Portuguese Wikipedia through class: Professor Yuri Leite

  7. Wikipedia and university beyond the classroom

  8. Professor in Brazil finds Wikipedia assignment brings greater student learning

  9. New Case Studies brochure highlights how professors teach with Wikipedia

  10. Wikipédia na Universidade update from Brazil