1. What I Learned: Improving the Armenian Wiktionary with the help of students

    “Wikicamps” for Armenian students have expanded with Wiktionary.... Read more

  2. Global milestones for November

    This month’s milestones include the Kongo Wikipedia, the Polish Wikisource, and Meta-Wiki.... Read more

  3. “Community revitalization”—working together to strengthen the Hebrew Wiktionary

    2015 was a pivotal year for the Hebrew Wiktionary. How can the Chapter help and support on the process of “revitalizing” a community? And what is the meaning of an independent and prosperous community?... Read more

  4. Wikimedia Research Newsletter, September 2015

    Wiktionary special; newbies, conflict and tolerance; Is Wikipedia’s search function inferior?
    With contributions by: Federico Leva, Panda10, Piotr Konieczny, Trey Jones and Tilman Bayer... Read more

  5. Wikimedia project milestones: Swedish Wikipedia hits 2 million articles

    In the first post in a series celebrating milestones across all Wikimedia projects, we look at some of the projects hitting major milestones over the past month.... Read more

  6. Samskrita Bharati and Sanskrit Wikipedia: The journey ahead

  7. Launching an Unconventional Trademark Policy for Open Collaboration

  8. 1001 Arabic words

  9. Announcing the official Wiktionary Android app