1. Global milestones for November

    This month’s milestones include the Kongo Wikipedia, the Polish Wikisource, and Meta-Wiki.... Read more

  2. Wikipedia turns 14, receives prestigious Erasmus Prize 2015

    Today, Wikipedia turns fourteen years old. On this day in 2001, a simple idea changed the world: the idea that anyone, no matter who they are or where they lived, had something to contribute to the sum of all human knowledge.
    Fourteen years later, we’re happy to announce that the Erasmus Prize 2015 was just awarded to Wikipedia and the Wikimedia community. (…)... Read more

  3. Will you join in celebrating the 10th anniversary of Wikimedia Commons?

    Wikimedia Commons is turning 10 years old this Sunday — will you help celebrate? We’re asking everyone to join the Wikimedia community by sharing a freely licensed image with world.... Read more

  4. Ten years of supporting free knowledge

    Ten years ago today, on June 20, 2003, Jimmy Wales announced the founding of the Wikimedia Foundation. He entrusted the new nonprofit with the operation of Wikipedia, launched two and a half years prior.... Read more

  5. Swedish Wikipedia surpasses 1 million articles with aid of article creation bot

  6. Spanish Wikipedia surpasses the 1 million article milestone

  7. Wikimedia projects reach more than 500 million people per month

  8. Italian Wikipedia surpasses one million articles

  9. Wikimedia Foundation launches Wikivoyage, a free, worldwide travel guide that anyone can edit

  10. English Wikipedia crosses 4 million article milestone