1. A ‘couple’ of Telugu-language Wikimedians: T Sujatha and Sri Ramamurthy

    T Sujatha started, Sri Ramamurthy joined, and now both contribute to Telugu-language Wikimedia projects.... Read more

  2. Why I contribute to Wikisource

    Hrishikes Sen has nearly 30,000 edits across the Wikimedia projects, most of them made on Wikisource. Here, he discusses the motivations behind his work and what Wikisource can bring to the world.... Read more

  3. Why I proofread poetry at Wikisource

    Poetry: “it is the stuff of the soul; it speaks to the body, the mind, and the spirit alike.” Sonja Bohm worked for years to get all of Florence Earle Coates’ poetry online, and now proofreads poetry on the English Wikisource, the free library. We asked why.... Read more

  4. Wikimedia Foundation removes The Diary of Anne Frank due to copyright law requirements

    Today, in an unfortunate example of the overreach of the United States’ current copyright law, the Wikimedia Foundation removed the Dutch-language text of The Diary of Anne Frank from Wikisource.... Read more

  5. WikipediansSpeak: Odia Wikisourcer shares her journey and goals

    As part of the WikimediansSpeak interview series, Odia Wikisource’s most active contributor Pankajmala Sarangi shares her ideas about growing the community.... Read more

  6. Global milestones for November

    This month’s milestones include the Kongo Wikipedia, the Polish Wikisource, and Meta-Wiki.... Read more

  7. Open access in the Marathi language expands by a thousand books

    When the non-profit organization Maharashtra Granthottejak Sanstha celebrated its 121st anniversary, they re-licensed 1000 books so that they could be digitized and be made available for millions of Marathi-language readers.... Read more

  8. Wikimedia project milestones: Swedish Wikipedia hits 2 million articles

    In the first post in a series celebrating milestones across all Wikimedia projects, we look at some of the projects hitting major milestones over the past month.... Read more

  9. Odia Wikisource digitizes classic books to create large Unicode text library

    Volunteers from the Odia language Wikipedia joined forces to archive text from early literature and old books now out of print. Odia Wikisource is lightweight, completely text-based and searchable — and accessible on computer and mobile devices. With thousands of books printed so far in this language, Odia Wikisource opens up a whole new world to readers and book lovers. (…)... Read more

  10. 55 works of iconic Indian writer released on Wikisource under a free licence

    Wikisource has joined forces with CIS-A2K to have almost all the works of prolific Indian writer, Niranjana, re-licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0. Over the course of his career, Niranjana not only penned more than 60 books, but he also served as a political activist. His books will be digitized and made available on Kannada Wikisource, allowing Kannada speakers to freely access his work.... Read more