1. Engaging the world’s libraries with Wikipedia—what are the opportunities?

    Photo by Alex Stinson/Sadads, CC BY-SA 4.0.

    Do library patrons get the best information for the topic they are looking for? Do they have the skills needed to use Wikipedia as part of a research process that helps with learning and advancement of human society?... Read more

  2. Wikipedia has all the Emmy facts you want, commercial-free

    Photo by FA2010, altered by Aubrie Johnson.See story for licensing information.

    If a show you haven’t watched yet or a person you haven’t seen before wins, you can jump on a second screen to a Wikipedia article and learn about them.... Read more

  3. As NASA’s latest mission heads to space, these editors will chronicle its journey and results in the years to come

    Mural by NASA, public domain/CC0.

    Two Wikipedia editors speak about NASA’s mission to bring back asteroid samples, Wikipedia’s coverage of space-related topics, and what you can do to help.... Read more

  4. Why I write about castles on Wikipedia

    Photo by Hchc2009, CC BY-SA 4.0.

    Hchc2009 has written two featured and dozens of good articles on the English Wikipedia, markers attained only after a peer review from fellow editors. Here, they discuss what motivates them to write about castles—the medieval fortified structures that have played important military, economic and social roles across Europe.... Read more

  5. On Wikipedia, Olympics popularity depended on your language

    Photo by Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil, CC BY 3.0 BR.

    Wikipedia page view data shows that we love the Olympics, but also love our own Olympics and Olympians.... Read more

  6. Opening the door to a new look: improving

    Photo by H. Zell, CC BY-SA 3.0.

    We’ve improved the discoverability of information within the main portal to make it more contemporary and easier to use. ... Read more

  7. No Man’s Sky and the drive to improve Wikipedia’s coverage of video games

    Photo by NASA/Buzz Aldrin, public domain/CC0.

    Casual readers may not notice that the English Wikipedia’s video game articles, like No Man’s Sky, usually adhere to a set of stringent guidelines.... Read more

  8. The bold hero and bolder heroine of the first modern Olympics marathon

    Photo by athenswalk, public domain/CC0.

    We look back at a pair of Olympic athletes you won’t see in today’s breaking headlines.... Read more

  9. Rediscovering Jean Robic, “Kid Goat” of the 1947 Tour de France

    Photo by Agence de presse Mondial Photo-Presse, public domain/CC0.

    A surly, 17-year-old underdog shocked the cycling world with his victory in the 1947 Tour de France.... Read more

  10. Community digest: “High hope” for the Farsi Wikipedia as it reaches 500,000 articles

    Photo by درفش کاویانی, CC BY-SA 3.0.

    “It is a very good feeling,” editor Alfa80 said, “to complete a stage—like getting through the five days to the weekend or when the countdown of a traffic light is finished.”... Read more