Platform engineering

  1. Securing access to Wikimedia sites with HTTPS

    Image by Hugh D'Andrade, from Electronic Frontier Foundation, freely licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

    The Wikimedia Foundation is happy to announce that we are implementing HTTPS to encrypt all traffic on Wikimedia sites. With this change, nearly half a billion monthly visitors on Wikipedia and its sister projects will be able to share in the world’s knowledge more securely. ... Read more

  2. Improving the security of our users on Wikimedia sites

    Image by Woodennature, freely licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

    Wikimedia Foundation teamed up with iSEC Partners to assess the security of our sites and protect the privacy of our users.
    Their engineers developed attacks against the current version of MediaWiki to identify security flaws, in a new report sponsored by the Open Technology Fund.... Read more

  3. Wikimedia in Google Code-in 2014

    For this year's Google Code-in software development contest, Wikimedia developers mentored young students to contribute to our free codebase. Here are last year's winners. Group Photo by M4tx, freely licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0

    What happens when you combine 48 students, 30 mentors, and an endless list of tasks? During December to January, 226 Wikimedia tasks where successfully (…)... Read more

  4. Modernizing MediaWiki with libraries

    Breaking up the MediaWiki codebase into separate PHP libraries can benefit many developers across the open software movement. 
Wikimedia Zürich 2014 Hackathon photo by Christian Meixner, freely licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0.

    The Wikimedia Foundation is breaking up the MediaWiki software into smaller, reusable libraries which can be developed more easily and integrated into any PHP application. (…)... Read more

  5. On our way to Phabricator

  6. Wikimedia’s Road to Bugzilla 4.4 (How we puppetized, upgraded and moved Bugzilla to another server)

  7. Wikimedia moving to Elasticsearch

  8. OAuth now available on Wikimedia wikis

  9. Buggin’ out! How the Wikimedia Foundation triages and fixes software bugs

  10. Help Wikimedia squash software bugs