1. Recovery of broken Gerrit repositories

  2. Wikimedia site outage, 6 August, 2012

  3. Search restored after leap second bug

  4. Site fixes this week

  5. Post Mortem on last night’s 1.17 deployment attempts…

    Post Mortem on last night’s 1.17 deployment attempts…We’ve received many complaints about strange behavior on various wikis we host starting last night. These problems were directly related to an attempted deployment.... Read more

  6. 11-15-10 Outage

    Today at 20:00 UTC we saw a traffic surge on our load balancing and caching infrastructure, resulting in intermittent outages in Wikipedia service worldwide. This was due to a complex interaction of factors, including issues in our Amsterdam caching center and the Fundraiser launch, which has generated much more than expected interest today. We switched all traffic to Tampa, which experienced serv... Read more

  7. 10/10/10 Outage

    Around 18:00 UTC today, all Wikimedia projects experienced an unplanned outage... Read more

  8. Database errors on most Wikipedias

  9. Wikimedia projects down due to power problem in primary data center

  10. Global Outage (cooling failure and DNS)