1. MediaWiki 1.26 released

    The latest release of MediaWiki, the popular open source wiki platform that powers Wikipedia, hundreds of other Wikimedia wikis, and thousands of public and private sites.... Read more

  2. Single-User Login provides access to all wikis

    Later this month, all accounts on Wikimedia projects will be global. This means that you will be able to use the same user name on every wiki, without having register a separate account on each wiki you visit.... Read more

  3. A more immersive mobile experience on Android devices

    The Wikipedia app makes it easier to access knowledge on the go — and provides a more immersive reading experience on mobile devices. This new Android release features a more image-centric design, improved search functionality, and suggestions for further reading. (…)... Read more

  4. How we made editing Wikipedia twice as fast

    The creator of the wiki, Ward Cunningham, wanted to make it fast and easy to edit web pages. Cunningham named his software after a Hawaiian word for “quick.” That’s why the Wikimedia Foundation is happy to report that editing Wikipedia is now twice as quick. Over the last six months we deployed a new technology that speeds up MediaWiki, Wikipedia’s underlying PHP-based code. HipHop Virtual... Read more

  5. Hovercards now available as a Beta Feature on all Wikimedia wikis

  6. OAuth now available on Wikimedia wikis

  7. The future of third-party releases on MediaWiki

  8. Buggin’ out! How the Wikimedia Foundation triages and fixes software bugs

  9. What Lua scripting means for Wikimedia and open source

    Yesterday we flipped a switch: editors can now use Lua, an innovative programming language, to generate sections of wiki pages on all our sites. We’d like to talk about what this means for the open source community at large, for Wikimedians, and for our future.... Read more

  10. New Lua templates bring faster, more flexible pages to your wiki