1. Towards building an African Wikimedia Developer Community

    Wikimedians on the African continent have been working to address the lack of volunteer developers in the Wikimedia movement from Africa with the Africa Wikimedia Developers (AWMD) project.... Read more

  2. How we collaborated to build a new open source plugin to improve search results across language-wikis

    Erik Bernhardson, a software engineer at the Wikimedia Foundation, explains how we’re improving search results across language wikis. ... Read more

  3. The what and how of code health

    Through improved code health, the development of MediaWiki—the code that underpins Wikipedia and dozens of other websites—can be more impactful, productive, and enjoyable. But what is code health, and how do we make it a reality? In this post, we define what it means and look at ways to work towards a healthier code base. ... Read more

  4. How Technical Collaboration is bringing new developers into the Wikimedia movement

    What is being done to improve the experience of new developers in one of the largest free software communities?... Read more

  5. The secret sauce of distributed processing and how we messed it up: Laughing ORES to death

    At 11:00 UTC on 23 June, an artificial intelligence service we operate, ORES, started to struggle. Within a half hour, it had fully choked and could no longer respond to any requests. It took the Scoring Platforms Team ten hours to diagnose the problem, solve it, and consider it solved. We learned some valuable lessons when studying and addressing this issue.... Read more

  6. Raising awareness for Wikipedia in Iraq

    A discussion with Sarmad Said Yaseen, Iraqi Wikimedian.... Read more

  7. Bashkir becomes the first language collated inside MediaWiki

    Are the names of articles in the wiki in your language shown in the correct alphabetical order? If not, perhaps you can now fix this similarly to how it was done for the Bashkir language.... Read more

  8. Admittedly loopy but not entirely absurd—Understanding our Search Relevance Survey

    We’re experimenting with machine learning as part of our work to improve search on Wikipedia and the Wikimedia projects. This can sometimes lead to amusing or even strange queries for users—but they’re not errors.... Read more

  9. Introducing the Cloud Services Team: What we do, and how we can help you

    24% of Wikipedia edits over a three month period in 2016 were completed by software hosted in Cloud Services projects. In the same time period, 3.8 billion Action API requests were made from Cloud Services. We are the newly formed Cloud Services team at the Foundation, which maintains a stable and efficient public cloud hosting platform for technical projects relevant to the Wikimedia movement.... Read more

  10. What ten students made for Wikimedia while participating in Google Summer of Code and Outreachy round 14

    Ten students from India, Israel and United States contributed thousands of lines of code to Wikimedia projects this past summer under the mentorship and guidance of thirteen mentors.... Read more