1. The public domain starts growing again next year, and it’s about time

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation is taking part in Copyright Week, a series of actions and discussions supporting key principles that should guide copyright policy. Every day this week, various groups are taking on different elements of copyright law and policy, and addressing what’s at stake, and what we need to do to make sure that copyright promotes creativity and innovation.... Read more

  2. Creative Commons: Preserving culture, 1 billion items at a time

    The golden ceiling of a mosque in Iran, an orange and white lighthouse in Germany, the red roof of a Buddhist temple in Thailand. This year’s Wiki Loves Monuments photo contest winners glow with the colorful cultural heritage of the world. And the over 230,000 entries poured into Wikimedia projects with the help of Creative Commons licenses.... Read more

  3. A WikiLove story

    Wikipedians Avner and Darya fell in love while volunteering with Wikimedia Israel. They were engaged soon after, thanks to a shared passion for knowledge. Here is their moving love story, just in time for Valentine’s Day. (…)... Read more

  4. Wiki Loves Pride 2014 and Adding Diversity to Wikipedia

    Since Wikipedia’s gender gap first came to light in late 2010, Wikipedians have taken the issue to heart, developing projects with a focus on inclusivity in content, editorship and the learning environments relevant to new editors. 
    Wiki Loves Pride started from conversations among Wikipedians editing LGBT topics in a variety of fields, including history, popular culture, politics and medicin... Read more

  5. Coding da Vinci: Results of the first German Culture Hackathon

    The weather was almost as hot as it was in Hong Kong one year ago. But whereas on that occasion a time machine had to catapult the audience ten years into the future, at the event held on Sunday, July 6 at the Jewish Museum Berlin, the future had already arrived.
    At the final event of the programming competition Coding da Vinci, seventeen projects were presented to both a critical jury and the pub... Read more

  6. For Rexford Nkansah, Wikipedia represents the future of education for his country

  7. Researching collaboration for a better world: John T. Riedl (1962 – 2013)

  8. Remembering Aaron Swartz (1986–2013)

    Today, the Internet community at large is reeling from Aaron’s early death, and Wikimedia is joining in remembering an extraordinary individual.... Read more

  9. Wiki inventor supports Wikimedia Foundation with donation of award winnings

  10. Wikimedia supports American Censorship Day