1. Wikimedia Israel’s annual conference focuses on Wikipedia in education

    Wikimedia Israel held its seventh Wiki Academy conference earlier this month, and was joined by Lila Tretikov and other guests from the Wikimedia Foundation.... Read more

  2. Developers gather in France for the 2015 Wikimedia Hackathon

    Developers from around the world gathered last month in Lyon, France for the Wikimedia Hackathon 2015. Here are some of the highlights of this edition of the annual event, which invited coders to develop new features, software and tools to make editing and reading wiki projects more enjoyable and effective.... Read more

  3. Open Badges for editor retention

    Open Badges are new digital credentials that can recognize an editor’s achievements on a variety of websites — not just on Wikipedia. They can be a powerful tool for engaging more contributors. During the Wikimedia Hackathon in Lyon, a few important steps were taken to make them a reality on projects powered by MediaWiki.... Read more

  4. How the Odia Wikimedia community is enriching Wikipedia with character encoding technology

    The Odia Wikimedia community has successfully built character encoding technology to convert digital content from external sources to Unicode, which will enrich the Odia-language Wikipedia -— just in time for its thirteenth birthday.... Read more

  5. Making Wikipedia’s medical articles accessible in Chinese

    Medical content on the Chinese Wikipedia was both increased and improved by a collaboration between Wikimedia Taiwan, Wikiproject Medicine, and a Taipei medical school. As a result, a wide range of medical articles were translated into Chinese, while introducing students to Wikipedia editing. ... Read more

  6. A translation rally invites volunteers to localize technical messages for MediaWiki software

    Volunteers from around the world localized tens of thousands of technical messages for open source software, in a translation rally hosted by Wikimedia Sverige during nine days in May. This triggered a four-fold increase in activity on the translation platform Read more

  7. WikiTowns use barcodes to share local information on smartphones

    Visitors to the small town of Toodyay in Western Australia can learn about historic landmarks by scanning QR codes that bring up related Wikipedia pages on their smartphones.
    Find out how this project came about thanks to Wikimedia Australia — and how you could bring it to your own town.... Read more

  8. First ever WikiArabia conference gathers Wikipedians in Tunisia to connect and share experiences

    Wikipedians from around the Arab world met last April for their first regional Wikipedia conference in Monastir, Tunisia.
    This report summarizes three days of discussions about their community’s challenges and opportunities — and the future of the free knowledge movement.... Read more

  9. Wikimania and the differences between online and offline cultures

    A Belgian anthropologist observes the differences between online and offline participation in the Wikimedia movement, based on a visit to the Wikimania 2014 conference in London. In this essay, he identifies some of the disparities between the values, ethics and organizational structures of online Wikipedia projects and offline conferences such as Wikimania.... Read more

  10. Fundraising made in Germany: lessons learned by Wikimedia Deutschland

    What makes a good banner? How can we cultivate donors to ensure long term commitment to our cause? Wikimedia Deutschland has released a Fundraising Report that assess the development of campaigns from the last few years. ... Read more