Wikimedia Research Newsletter

  1. Wikimedia Research Newsletter, June 2018

    How censorship can backfire and conversations can go awry; Wikipedians ‘driven by a sense of mission’, according to researchers.
    With contributions by: Tilman Bayer, Bri, Barbara Page, and Maik Stührenberg... Read more

  2. Wikimedia Research Newsletter, May 2018

    Why people don’t contribute to Wikipedia; using Wikipedia to teach statistics, technical writing, and controversial issues
    With contributions by: Miriam Redi, Barbara Page, FULBERT, and Piotr Konieczny... Read more

  3. Wikimedia Research Newsletter, February 2018

    Politically diverse editors write better articles; Reddit and Stack Overflow benefit from Wikipedia but don’t give back
    With contributions by: Barbara Page, FULBERT, Steve Jankowski and Tilman Bayer... Read more

  4. Wikimedia Research Newsletter, January 2018

    Automated Q&A from Wikipedia articles; Who succeeds in talk page discussions?
    With contributions by: Eddie891, Thomas Niebler, Barbara (WVS) and Tilman Bayer... Read more

  5. Wikimedia Research Newsletter, September 2017

    French medical articles have “high rate of veracity”; quality comparisons across languages; perceptions of credibility
    With contributions by: Nicolas Jullien, Leila Zia, Tilman Bayer and FULBERT... Read more

  6. Wikimedia Research Newsletter, August 2017

    Who wrote this? New dataset on the provenance of Wikipedia text... Read more

  7. Wikimedia Research Newsletter, July 2017

    Wikipedia articles vs. concepts; Wikipedia usage in Europe
    With contributions by: Thomas Niebler and Tilman Bayer... Read more

  8. Wikimedia Research Newsletter, June 2017

    Discussion summarization; Twitter bots tracking government edits; extracting trivia from Wikipedia
    With contributions by: Baha Mansurov and Tilman Bayer... Read more

  9. Wikimedia Research Newsletter, May 2017

    Wikipedia can increase local tourism by 9%; predicting article quality with deep learning; recent behavior predicts quality
    With contributions by: Marco Chemello, Federico Leva, Morten Warncke-Wang, and Tilman Bayer... Read more

  10. Wikimedia Research Newsletter, April 2017

    The chilling effect of surveillance on Wikipedia readers, and other recent research... Read more