1. Wikimedia Research Newsletter, May 2017

    Wikipedia can increase local tourism by 9%; predicting article quality with deep learning; recent behavior predicts quality
    With contributions by: Marco Chemello, Federico Leva, Morten Warncke-Wang, and Tilman Bayer... Read more

  2. Wikimedia Research Newsletter, April 2017

    The chilling effect of surveillance on Wikipedia readers, and other recent research... Read more

  3. Wikimedia Research Newsletter, March 2017

    Utopian bubbles: Can Wikipedians create value outside of the capitalist system?
    With contributions by: Dorothy Howard, Simon Razniewski and Tilman Bayer... Read more

  4. Wikimedia Research Newsletter, February 2017

    Wikipedia bots fight – or do they?; personality and attitudes to Wikipedia; large expert review experiment
    With contributions by: Aaron Halfaker, Piotr Konieczny and Tilman Bayer... Read more

  5. How we know what we know: The Initiative for Open Citations (I4OC) helps unlock millions of connections between scholarly research

    The Wikimedia Foundation and more than 60 other organizations and scholarly publishers announce the I4OC initiative, making scholarly citation data freely available for anyone to access and reuse.... Read more

  6. Wikimedia Research Newsletter, January 2017

    Special issue: Wikipedia in education
    With contributions by Piotr Konieczny and Tilman Bayer... Read more

  7. Algorithms and insults: Scaling up our understanding of harassment on Wikipedia

    A research collaboration with the technology incubator Jigsaw is helping us better understand and explore technical solutions to harassment on Wikipedia.... Read more

  8. Wikimedia Research Newsletter, December 2016

    Female Wikipedians aren’t more likely to edit women biographies; Black Lives Matter in Wikipedia
    With contributions by: Piotr Konieczny, Aaron Shaw, Reem Al-Kashif, and Tilman Bayer... Read more

  9. Wikimedia Research Newsletter, November 2016

    Privacy risks as perceived by Tor users and Wikipedians, and other recent research.... Read more

  10. Wikimedia Research Newsletter, October 2016

    Why women edit less, and where they are overrepresented; article importance and quality; predicting elections from Wikipedia
    With contributions by: Giuseppe Profiti, Tilman Bayer, Morten Warncke-Wang, Jonathan Morgan, and Zareen Farooqui... Read more