1. Librarian as public knowledge leader: ways to use Wikipedia

  2. Evaluation helps Wikimedia leaders learn together

    Evaluation practices can build Wikimedia’s capacity as a movement, by helping community leaders plan and execute their programs more effectively. Here are some of the tools and resources shared by the Wikimedia Foundation’s Learning and Evaluation team in Berlin, to help leaders design, track and measure Wikimedia programs.... Read more

  3. First 2015 Wikimedia Programs Evaluations reports examine Wiki Loves Monuments and other photo events

    What is the impact of Wiki Loves Monuments and other photo events? The first two Wikimedia Programs Evaluation reports show that these programs contributed 14% of the media uploaded to Commons from September 2013 to September 2014.... Read more

  4. This month’s focus: Women in Wikimedia

    This month, we’re featuring stories about women and gender diversity in the Wikimedia movement, in honor of International Women’s Day and WikiWomen’s History Month. Learn more. (…)... Read more

  5. New Education Toolkit helps program leaders develop more effective Wikimedia programs

    This first toolkit provides a blueprint for implementing successful Wikimedia programs. It includes best practices, tips and ideas for planning, teaching and evaluating educational programs. (…)... Read more

  6. Working to bring diversity on Wikimedia projects? Share what you learned

    Diversity inspires, motivates and encourages creativity. Share new ideas to close the gender gap — and earn (…)... Read more

  7. Report finds the Wikimedia Foundation to be the largest known Participatory Grantmaking Fund

    A report by the The Lafayette Practice group found that the Foundation’s participatory grantmaking program is “innovative and groundbreaking”, with the largest peer-review participation of any funder of this kind. (..)... Read more

  8. An easier way to share knowledge through learning patterns

    An updated library of ‘learning patterns’ helps Wikimedians share what they learn about organizing activities like edit-a-thons. (…)... Read more

  9. Help fill in the gaps: Contribute to the story of Wikimedia programs

    The Wikimedia Foundation’s Learning and Evaluation team invites you to help collect data about Wikimedia programs, so we can evaluate their impact. Here’s an overview about this initiative and how you can contribute. (…)... Read more

  10. Wikimedians in Residence: a journey of discovery

    In April of 2014 I found myself digging deep into analytics in search of possible improvements and insight into what we do as a chapter. What brought me there? One of our most renowned programs, Wikimedians in Residence. […]
    Wikimedia UK has been involved with WiR in the UK with varying degrees of support and supervision. Since the creation of the chapter, we always felt that the program wa... Read more