1. A letter to our readers and donors from the Wikimedia Foundation

    Looking back on our largest annual fundraiser, we thank you for another great year.... Read more

  2. Upload your pigeon photos to Wikimedia Commons in honor of Craig Newmark

    The founder of Craigslist is an incredibly generous supporter of free and open knowledge and the Wikimedia movement. We want to thank him, and we need your help… along with your pigeon photos.... Read more

  3. Fundraising from the heart: Crafting powerful, authentic messages that move millions to support Wikipedia

    The Online Fundraising team at the Wikimedia Foundation relies heavily on A/B testing to understand what types of messages resonate with our readers. While the process behind the testing can be complicated, one lesson is simple: our messages must come from real people with a real love for Wikipedia. Here’s a window into how our messages come into being.... Read more

  4. Your donation to Wikipedia supports the future of free knowledge

    The annual English language fundraising appeal kicks off today, on Giving Tuesday, during which banners will appear on English Wikipedia asking readers to support Wikipedia with a donation. Donations support Wikipedia today and for generations to come.... Read more

  5. What do donors think about our fundraising? Five things we learned.

    We are approaching the time of year when readers of English Wikipedia are asked to give a small financial contribution to Wikipedia, to help ensure that the largest online collection of free knowledge is available to everyone across the world. We recently surveyed 1,000 readers to find out what motivates them to donate, and are now sharing those findings.... Read more

  6. Knowing when to quit: What we’re doing to limit the number of fundraising banners you see on Wikipedia

    The goal of the Wikimedia Foundation’s online fundraising team is to educate readers about our mission, motivate them to become donors, and then get out of their way. Last December, we used analytics to eliminate millions of ineffective banner impressions.... Read more

  7. Matching gift grows Wikimedia Endowment by $10 million

    Wikimedia Endowment Advisory Board member Peter Baldwin and his wife Lisbet Rausing, co-founders of the Arcadia Fund, donate $5 million, the largest gift to-date to the Wikimedia Endowment.... Read more

  8. Michael Kim, investor and civic leader, joins the Wikimedia Endowment Advisory Board

    Kim is the fifth member of a board entrusted with overseeing the permanent source of funding created to ensure Wikipedia thrives for generations to come.... Read more

  9. Niels Christian Nielsen appointed to Wikimedia Endowment Advisory Board

    He joins Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia; Annette Campbell-White, a successful venture capitalist and founder of MedVenture Associates; and Peter Baldwin, professor and co-founder of the Arcadia Foundation.... Read more

  10. Announcing the Wikimedia Foundation’s updated Donor Privacy Policy

    Protecting the personal information of users, donors, and community members around the globe is a top priority.... Read more