1. Community digest: Women in Red’s impact on Wikipedia’s gender gap; news in brief

    Just under two years ago, WikiProject Women in Red was created. A volunteer-led initiative, it aims to improve articles about women on Wikipedia—and its members have added about 45,000 of them in English alone. In addition, this week’s news in brief include Wiki hubs in Nigeria, second editathon in Pangasinan, Celtic Knot Conference in the UK, and more.... Read more

  2. Community digest: WikiFundi, an offline editing platform for Wikipedia; news in brief

    WikiFundi, a tool that allows offline editing of Wikipedia will be used by students in over 300 African schools. In addition, this week’s news in brief includes efforts from around the globe to commemorate the women’s history month, Enterprise MediaWiki Conference 2017, Train the trainer program workshops in India and more.... Read more

  3. Community digest: Spanish Wikipedia’s Women in Architecture helps address the gender gap; news in brief

    Women are rarely found in architecture history books, and this bias has been transposed onto Wikipedia. Women in Architecture is a new working group on the Spanish Wikipedia that aims at changing this. In addition, this week’s news in brief includes a meeting for the partnerships and resource development group, foundation board updates, and more.... Read more

  4. A passion for hurricanes and video games: Brenden Moses

    Brenden Moses joined Wikipedia at a very young age. In the past nine years, he has invested his interest in storms and other topics to contribute 177 quality articles on Wikipedia.... Read more

  5. News on Wikipedia: Volunteers are bringing reliable information about the Zika virus to the world

    As the Zika virus outbreak continues to worry the World Health Organization, volunteers continue to develop and maintain information on its spread and impact as scientistic research becomes available.... Read more

  6. He wrote the article on the Carolina Panthers: tales from Wikipedia’s NFL editors

    These editors toil for hours each week to create and maintain the English Wikipedia’s NFL-related content.... Read more

  7. A Wikipedian’s perspective on gender imbalance, harassment, and the way forward

    Longtime Wikipedia editor, Sydney Poore, shares her perspective of Wikipedia’s gender imbalance, harassment, and the steps she and other Wikimedians are taking to address this. ... Read more

  8. Wikimedia project milestones: Swedish Wikipedia hits 2 million articles

    In the first post in a series celebrating milestones across all Wikimedia projects, we look at some of the projects hitting major milestones over the past month.... Read more

  9. Crowdfunding free knowledge

    Crowdfunding is the ever popular method of funding projects and ventures, particularly on the Internet. It is also growing in popularity among Wikimedia volunteers looking for funds to help them spread their knowledge. We asked some of them to share their lessons learned and suggestions they might have for future crowdfunding organizers.... Read more

  10. When countries disappear

    A plethora of countries have disappeared into the annals of history. Wikipedia has a project that covers them.... Read more