Wiki Loves Monuments

  1. Wiki Loves Monuments needs you to help preserve historical memory for future generations

    The largest photography competition in the world aims to document the monuments and cultural heritage sites of today for others to enjoy tomorrow. It’s being held right now, and you can contribute.... Read more

  2. See the 14 gorgeous winning photographs from Wiki Loves Monuments

    Today, Wiki Loves Monuments 2015 revealed this year’s winners, including Westerheversand Lighthouse, Sacra di San Michele, Hanover’s New Town Hall, and more.... Read more

  3. Nepal’s victorious monument photos include the birthplace of Buddha

    Wiki Loves Monuments 2015, an international photography competition, was held locally in Nepal for the third time this year. Their photos are extraordinary.... Read more

  4. This year’s victorious monument photos from Germany

    For Wiki Loves Monuments 2015, an international photo competition, an incredible amount of pictures were uploaded—including about 39,000 images of protected monuments in Germany alone. They included shots of high documentary and some of outstanding aesthetic value.... Read more

  5. This year’s victorious monument photos from Pakistan

    The Wiki Loves Monuments 2015 contest in Pakistan was only the second edition of the photography competition to take place in the country. Of the 2,200 submissions, Pakistan’s jury selected their final ten winners this month, all of which are stunning and, of course, released by their authors under free licenses.... Read more

  6. In September, we love monuments

    Today marks the start of the sixth edition of Wiki Loves Monuments, the largest photography competition in the world. Thousands of Wikipedia readers and contributors from more than 30 countries around the globe will be taking part in the contest, hoping to document their local heritage, contribute to Wikipedia, and perhaps win a little prize. Here’s a preview of the competition with a specia... Read more

  7. Wikimedia Ukraine unlocks ‘secret’ cultural heritage lists

    Wikimedia Ukraine needed to start and win a legal case in order to obtain state lists of cultural heritage sites.... Read more

  8. First 2015 Wikimedia Programs Evaluations reports examine Wiki Loves Monuments and other photo events

    What is the impact of Wiki Loves Monuments and other photo events? The first two Wikimedia Programs Evaluation reports show that these programs contributed 14% of the media uploaded to Commons from September 2013 to September 2014.... Read more

  9. Photos aside, how else does Wiki Loves Monuments deliver?

    For the past four years, Wikimedia Sverige has organized the photo contest Wiki Loves Monumentsin Sweden. Besides getting great photos to showcase Wikipedia and involving many new photographers, we have noticed another benefit from the contest that has received little attention.... Read more

  10. For Rexford Nkansah, Wikipedia represents the future of education for his country