Why I series

  1. Why I write about women on Wikipedia

    Wikipedia volunteer editor “SusunW” delves into the reasons why she has written hundreds of article about women.... Read more

  2. Why I write science articles on Wikipedia

    Wikipedia editor RockMagnetist has written dozens of Wikipedia articles on rock magnetism, paleomagnetism, magnetism subjects in physics, biomagnetism, and geophysics—you might see a pattern there. We asked why.... Read more

  3. Why Tímea Baksa writes about Korean culture on Wikipedia

    Thanks to Wikipedia, Tímea Baksa has learned two new languages and met people from all around the world. We asked about what keeps her coming back to Wikipedia, day after day.... Read more

  4. From Sesame Street to Maya Angelou, this Wikipedian digs deeper

    Christine Meyer, better known to Wikipedians as FigureSkatingFan, has worked on many of the English Wikipedia’s articles about Sesame Street. We asked why.... Read more

  5. Why I write about Star Trek

    David Fuchs has written multiple articles about Star Trek on the English Wikipedia. We asked why.... Read more

  6. Why I write about Michał Heller, cosmologist and priest

    Philosopher and physicist Michał (Michael) Heller has a voice that substantively contributes to some of the major public debates of our time. This is why I wrote about him on Wikipedia.... Read more

  7. Why I was the Visiting Wikimedian at Wikimedia Germany

    David Saroyan is the Project Manager of Wikimedia Armenia. Through Wikimedia Germany’s Visiting Wikimedian program, he helped plan the 2017 Wikimedia Conference, held earlier this year in Berlin.... Read more

  8. Why, after twelve years, I still write about hurricanes and tropical cyclones on Wikipedia

    Andrew Hink was convinced that he would be a meteorologist. Billy Joel changed those plans, but Hink’s interest in weather never disappeared.... Read more

  9. Why I spend my Sundays photographing Kolkata

    When I go out almost every Sunday to shoot various places in and around my city, people often ask me why I do it. I tell that that I am just trying to illustrate the reference they use every day—Wikipedia.... Read more

  10. Why I periodically write about the elements on Wikipedia

    Elements are the building blocks that, when combined, constitute the full diversity of chemistry. That’s why I write about them on Wikipedia.... Read more