News on Wikipedia

  1. On Wikipedia, Black Panther won the Olympic gold

    Black Panther was far and away the most-viewed article on Wikipedia last month. ... Read more

  2. Great Hera! Wonder Woman powers June’s two most popular Wikipedia articles

    After seven weeks in theaters, Wonder Woman has become the summer’s top domestic earner in the United States and throughout the month of June, articles about the film and its star were the most visited on the English Wikipedia.... Read more

  3. Quebec City mosque shooting: In the wake of tragedy, Wikipedia responds with facts

    Two weeks ago, many people around the globe were affected by the news of the Quebec City mosque shooting. Wikipedia editors quickly documented the tragedy on Wikipedia. ... Read more

  4. News on Wikipedia: Wikipedians track the Dakota Access Pipeline

    The Dakota Access Pipeline has been the subject of significant controversy in recent months. Wikipedians are chronicling the story as it unfolds with neutral and factual information.... Read more

  5. News on Wikipedia: Fidel Castro, president of Cuba, dead at 90

    Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons are here to help you learn more about the recently deceased Fidel Castro.... Read more

  6. News on Wikipedia: Was the supermoon not so super? Wikimedia editors explain

    Media sources around the world covered the recent supermoon, and partly as a consequence, its Wikipedia page was visited over 300,000 times on November 14 alone. We talked to astronomers and Wikipedians to learn more about the supermoon.... Read more

  7. Alan Turing legislation followed closely by Wikipedia editors

    Proposed legislation in the United Kingdom would pardon thousands of people who were convicted and cautioned under now abolished anti-homosexuality laws. Wikipedia editors are updating the relevant articles to give readers the historical context behind the Alan Turing-inspired legislation.... Read more

  8. Battle of Mosul: Wikipedians around the globe are updating the article as the news unfolds

    We talked to the Wikipedian who has been following live updates on the Battle of Mosul and wanted to help document the news through Wikipedia.... Read more

  9. Wikipedia’s hurricane hunters

    A small group of Wikipedians provides a large amount of the information about tropical cyclones people read on the internet. We went to them to learn about their motivations and the secret recipe behind their work... Read more

  10. Community digest: Estonian president-elect’s article now in thirty languages; news in brief

    The value of Wikipedia in the news was proved in Estonia last month during the country’s presidential election.... Read more