Yoona Ha

  1. Drone photography of Versailles: Lionel Allorge

    France-based photographer Lionel Allorge was drawn to Wikimedia Commons from the appeal of free and open licensing. Now, his images illustrate articles of grand monuments and landmarks in his home country.... Read more

  2. Funding projects and pizza with Wikimedia Foundation grants: meet Emily Temple-Wood

    Veteran editor Emily Temple-Wood focuses on medical articles and improving Wikipedia’s coverage of women scientists. She’s found the ideal method of attracting newcomers to events and workshops: Lots of pizza.... Read more

  3. Raising awareness of endangered species, one Wikipedia page at a time: Christian Cariño

    Christian Cariño is a biologist from Mexico interested in conservation of endangered species. For her, Wikipedia was the obvious place to help improve coverage of and interest in these creatures.... Read more

  4. Tomasz Ganicz recalls the early days of the Polish Wikipedia

    Chemist Tomasz Ganicz, better known as Polimerek on Wikipedia, has been involved with the Polish Wikipedia and the Polish Wikimedia chapter since their inception almost fourteen years ago. He recalls the early days, when there were no articles on chemistry on the Polish Wikipedia — and he had to write the first definitions for an atom, a molecule and an electron.... Read more

  5. Preserving Wikipedia citations for the future: Geoffrey Bilder

    The average lifespan of a hyperlink is around six years—a problem for a site like Wikipedia, which relies on many linked references. That’s what Geoffrey Bilder and others have worked to prevent: the death of hyperlinks, also known as “link rot”.... Read more

  6. Scuba diving on Wikipedia: Doug Taylor

    An experienced scuba diver, Doug Taylor took his first plunge into editing Wikipedia when he found a mistake in an article on deep diving in 2008. Since then, he has become an active contributor to the free knowledge movement, serving as a trustee of Wikimedia UK, and joining the Wikiproject Med Foundation.... Read more

  7. The #100wikidays challenge

    You are invited to join the #100wikidays challenge, which encourages participants to create a new Wikipedia article every day for 100 days. This community program is inspired by the popular #100happydays initiative, and was started by a Bulgarian Wikipedian, to engage more people to contribute on Wikimedia projects.... Read more

  8. Celebrity photographer Allan Warren shares the big shots on Wikipedia

    Celebrity photographer Allan Warren has taken portraits of many popular artists and politicians, ranging from Roger Moore to Sophia Loren and Prince Charles. For the past few years, he has uploaded many of his images to Wikimedia Commons. His portraits caught our attention, so we reached out to him for an interview.... Read more

  9. The first Wikipedia TV spots and awareness campaign in Cameroon (VIDEO)

    The first-ever television spots for Wikipedia in Cameroon were created as part of a campaign designed to raise awareness of Wikipedia in this western African country — where the use and awareness of Wikipedia has been historically low.... Read more

  10. Fighting corruption with Wikipedia: Johnson Oludeinde

    Meet Johnson Oludeinde, who is using Wikipedia to expose corruption in Nigeria — and inviting others to prevent injustice through shared knowledge.... Read more