Vira Motorko

  1. Kusudamas and production schedules: The joy of being a Visiting Wikimedian for the Wikimedia Conference

    Vira Motorko is a Project Manager at Wikimedia Ukraine. Through Wikimedia Germany’s Visiting Wikimedian program, they helped plan the 2018 Wikimedia Conference, held earlier this year in Berlin.... Read more

  2. See the winners from the 2017 Wiki Science Competition in Ukraine

    Science has to be visible, and Wikipedia needs illustrations. Both goals met in the Wiki Science Competition. Here are winners from its Ukrainian sub-contest.... Read more

  3. Community digest: ‘Spring’ comes to Central–Eastern Europe, Education project kindles new Wikipedia

    A wide international project named CEE Spring starts in Wikipedia; an education project led by Wikimedia Israel and a local Circassian school helped create the Adyghe-language Wikipedia.... Read more

  4. Community digest—Wikipedia in Ukrainian education expands

    Being wholly committed to Wikipedia, we in Wikimedia Ukraine have no doubt that Wikipedia belongs in education—the more educators and authorities who know this the better. This month, a significant step forward was made in the expansion of the Wikipedia Education Program in Ukraine, as we welcomed a whole new region into the Education Program: Mykolaiv Oblast.... Read more

  5. 10 stunning photos from Ukraine’s Wiki Loves Monuments

    See top-10 pictures of Wiki Loves Monuments 2015 in Ukraine, part of international photography competition, which was held locally in Ukraine for the fourth time.... Read more

  6. Ukrainian Wikipedia reaches 600,000 articles

  7. See the stunning winning photographs from Wiki Loves Earth 2015

    Wiki Loves Earth, a photo competition where participants picture protected areas and upload their photos to Wikimedia Commons, was held internationally for the second time in 2015 and gathered 26 countries. The contest is over, and we are now able to present the international winners.... Read more

  8. Wikimedia Ukraine unlocks ‘secret’ cultural heritage lists

    Wikimedia Ukraine needed to start and win a legal case in order to obtain state lists of cultural heritage sites.... Read more

  9. Wikimedians from Central and Eastern Europe meet in Ukraine to plan next steps

    Wikimedians from Central and Eastern Europe met in Ukraine last month. More than 20 different countries were represented in the conference. They discussed new ways to collaborate with each other on a wide range of themes, from education to multimedia, wikicamps — and solutions to the gender gap. (…)... Read more