Sue Gardner

  1. Katherine Maher joins the Wikimedia Foundation as Chief Communications Officer

    We’re happy to announce that Katherine Maher has joined the Wikimedia Foundation as Chief Communications Officer. She officially stepped into her new role as head of WMF communications on April 14, reporting to the Executive Director.... Read more

  2. Announcing the search for the Wikimedia Foundation’s Chief Communications Officer

  3. Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director Sue Gardner’s response to paid advocacy editing and sockpuppetry

    At this point, as reported, it looks like a number of user accounts — perhaps as many as several hundred — may have been paid to write articles on Wikipedia promoting organizations or products, and have been violating numerous site policies and guidelines, including prohibitions against sockpuppetry and undisclosed conflicts of interest.... Read more

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  10. Wikipedia’s community calls for anti-SOPA blackout January 18

    Although Wikipedia’s articles are neutral, its existence is not.... Read more