Samir Elsharbaty

  1. Wait, what? Alex, the parrot with a little human brain

    Photo courtesy of the Alex Foundation

    Alex knew the meaning of a hundred English words, could count to six, could answer and even ask questions, how to apologize (when appropriate), and how to protest when people did something he didn’t want.... Read more

  2. Community digest: Wikipedians in Bulgaria revive their history through the Archives Challenge, news in brief

    Photo, public domain/CC0.

    This month, Wikipedia editors develop and use 6,500 freely-licensed photos in the Archives Challenge. In addition, this week’s news in brief includes editathons in NYC and Belgrade, a prestigious prize for the Wikimedia community in Estonia, new resources for holding Wikimedia events in Africa, and more.... Read more

  3. Over a decade in, Piotr Konieczny is still editing and writing Wikipedia

    Photo by Sage Ross, CC BY-SA 3.0.

    Piotr Konieczny has created and developed thousands of articles in his thirteen years of editing Wikipedia—and for ten of those, he has been teaching students with it.... Read more

  4. Community digest: Wikipedians wrap up the first Africa destubathon, news in brief

    Photo by Zuraj studio,  CC-BY-SA 4.0.

    2,000 of over 37,000 articles about Africa are being improved in the first Africa destubathon. In addition, this week’s news in brief includes efforts to use photos from Wiki Loves Monuments in Ireland on Wikipedia, registration for WikiCon 2017 is now open, Funds Dissemination Committee announces its recommendations for the largest movement affiliate grants, and more.... Read more

  5. News on Wikipedia: Was the supermoon not so super? Wikimedia editors explain

    Photo by Owlphotostudio,  CC-BY-SA 4.0.

    Media sources around the world covered the recent supermoon, and partly as a consequence, its Wikipedia page was visited over 300,000 times on November 14 alone. We talked to astronomers and Wikipedians to learn more about the supermoon.... Read more

  6. Community digest: Practical science experiments are being recorded in high definition for Commons, news in brief


    High definition videos of chemistry and physics experiments will add more fun to science lessons and theories. In addition, this week’s news in brief includes joint WikiExpeditions by Polish and Czech Wikipedians, results of the WikiCup on the English Wikipedia, news from WikiArabia conference, and more.... Read more

  7. Community digest: Editors around the world get ready for Wikipedia Asian Month, news in brief

    Photo by Jordy Meow, CC BY-SA 3.0.

    A new round of Wikipedia Asian Month starts today. For the month of November, volunteer editors will contribute new Wikipedia articles about this diverse continent. In addition, this week’s news in brief from the Wikimedia movement includes a new report on transparency from the Foundation’s board and a magazine article featuring four Wikipedians.... Read more

  8. Histropedia: “The power of data visualisation combined with free knowledge”

    Histropedia demo at Wikidata's third birthday party in Berlin. Photo by Jason Krüger, CC BY-SA 4.0.

    Can you imagine getting a register from Wikipedia of all the notable people born on any given day, not in a list form, but in a chronologically-ordered timeline, with their achievements, photos and birthdays?... Read more

  9. Alan Turing legislation followed closely by Wikipedia editors

    Alan Turing public domain photo.

    Proposed legislation in the United Kingdom would pardon thousands of people who were convicted and cautioned under now abolished anti-homosexuality laws. Wikipedia editors are updating the relevant articles to give readers the historical context behind the Alan Turing-inspired legislation.... Read more

  10. A passion for hurricanes and video games: Brenden Moses

    Photo by
Evan-Amos, public domain.

    Brenden Moses joined Wikipedia at a very young age. In the past nine years, he has invested his interest in storms and other topics to contribute 177 quality articles on Wikipedia.... Read more