Rob Lanphier

  1. Standing on the shoulders of “good enough”—25 years of Linux

    Happy birthday to Linux, the free and open source computer operating system.... Read more

  2. Request for proposals: MediaWiki release management

  3. Breaking through walls of text: How we will create a richer Wikimedia experience

  4. The MediaWiki Core group

  5. Technical Liaison; Developer Relations (TL;DR)

    The TL;DR group is responsible for development community relations, ensuring a healthy relationship between the Wikimedia Foundation and our volunteer development community. This team is responsible for removing obstacles to effective volunteer participation, communicating about what we’re up to now, and patrolling for new opportunities for volunteers to get involved and new volunteers to in... Read more

  6. Data analytics at Wikimedia Foundation

  7. MediaWiki 1.18 deployment today to all Wikimedia sites

  8. MediaWiki 1.18 is coming

  9. What is “Platform Engineering”?

    If you’ve been following this blog or other Wikimedia Foundation updates closely over the past year, you may have seen several references to the “Platform Engineering” group (nee “General Engineering”), which is the group I’ve been managing for the past year. I’d like to explain who we are, and what we’re doing. We always strive for transparency as a group, but one ulterior motive ... Read more

  10. Welcome, Sumana Harihareswara, Volunteer Development Coordinator