Reetta Kemppi

  1. For freedom of information: Allan Aguilar

    Aguilar researches cryptography and politics; he believes that when internet users are exchanging messages or browsing, the content should be protected by the same privacy an electoral vote has. This is what he calls the “democracy of the internet.”... Read more

  2. Making Filipino voices be heard: Josh Lim

    Lim started with national anthems and now has over 25,000 edits to his name.... Read more

  3. Bringing libraries closer to Wikipedia: Merrilee Proffitt

    Merrilee Proffitt is on a mission to bring American librarians closer to Wikipedia—a group she thinks is hesitant towards the idea of a community edited encyclopedia.... Read more

  4. Engaging women to narrow the gender gap: Andrea Kleiman

    Since 2011, Kleiman has contributed tens of thousands of edits and arranged workshops for women in Argentina and Uruguay.... Read more