Pau Giner

  1. After hitting 300,000 translations, what’s next for our content translation tool?

    Volunteer community members have used our content translation tool to create over 300,000 articles, thereby spreading knowledge across language barriers. The tool has had already a positive impact in many Wikipedia communities, and now the Wikimedia Foundation’s Language team is working on a new and improved version.... Read more

  2. You can now translate Wikipedia articles from Spanish into Basque, thanks to an open source machine learning tool

    The Wikimedia Foundation’s Language team worked with a team from the University of the Basque Country and the Elhuyar Foundation to make it easier to translate Wikipedia articles from Spanish into Basque.... Read more

  3. Building out new filters for edit review with user research

    New filters for edit review, which allows Wikimedia editors to more easily navigate the firehose of recent changes to their projects, is out of beta.... Read more

  4. How we designed a more fluent and visually consistent experience for translators

    A recent design refresh for Wikimedia content translation brings visual consistency, simplifies key workflows, and provides better support for small screens and touch devices.... Read more

  5. Try Content Translation: A quick way to create new articles from other languages

    Try Content Translation: A quick way to create new articles from other languages. This new tool makes it easy to translate articles from one language to another. It is now available as a beta feature in 8 different languages. (…)... Read more

  6. Language support at Wikimania 2013 in Hong Kong

  7. Introducing: Designs for the Universal Language Selector

    The localization team is announcing the availability of designs for the Universal Language Selector, to gather feedback on the proposed solutions, and to test our prototypes. ... Read more