Jake Orlowitz

  1. The crowdsourcing fallacy

    Have a big problem… The crowd can fix it! Wait, will they?... Read more

  2. You can now add automatically generated citations to millions of books on Wikipedia

    Wikipedia editors can now draw on WorldCat, the world’s largest database of books, to generate citations on Wikipedia thanks to a collaboration between OCLC (Online Computer Library Center) and the Wikimedia Foundation’s Wikipedia Library program.... Read more

  3. Wikipedia builds a digital library system

    Through the Wikipedia Library program, the resources available to Wikipedians continue to grow, allowing these editors to use the best sources available to improve Wikipedia.... Read more

  4. The first week’s highlights from #1lib1ref

    We are just over a week into the second annual #1lib1ref campaign, where we “imagine a world where every librarian adds one more reference to Wikipedia.”... Read more

  5. Engaging librarians (and others) through social technologies: A #1lib1ref think-piece

    This campaign was more than an outreach effort: it helped us to explore new technologies that facilitate diverse communities to participate in Wikipedia. To support a clear call to action for librarians, we incorporated three social technologies to grow the campaign: social media, hashtags (both inside and outside of Wikipedia), and microcontributions. Together they helped us share an inviting and... Read more

  6. Writing an open-access encyclopedia in a closed-access world

  7. What happens when you give a Wikipedia editor a research library?

    The Wikipedia Visiting Scholars program gives editors special access to university and library resources, which helps them improve content quality and support new collaborations, as part of the Wikipedia Library project. ... Read more

  8. Editors find wide range of uses for source access donated by Newspapers.com

    The Wikipedia Library is continuing to build opportunities for Wikimedia editors to access reliable sources, by negotiating with publishers to get Wikipedians free access accounts to their digital databases.... Read more

  9. Cochrane Collaboration Recruits Talented Wikipedian In Residence

  10. Are you the next Wikipedia Visiting Scholar?