Lila Tretikov

  1. Clarity on the future of Wikimedia search

    Over the past few weeks, the Wikimedia community has engaged in a discussion of the Wikimedia Foundation’s plans for search and discovery on the Wikimedia projects. More recently, there has been confusion in the press and among community members about the Foundation’s plans and intention. Although we’ve participated in those discussions in other places and other ways, we want to clarify ... Read more

  2. Wikimedia Foundation welcomes Terry Gilbey as interim COO; bids farewell to Gayle Karen Young

    The Wikimedia Foundation is pleased to announce that Terry Gilbey has joined us as interim Chief Operating Officer, reporting to Executive Director Lila Tretikov. ... Read more

  3. Wikipedia turns 14, receives prestigious Erasmus Prize 2015

    Today, Wikipedia turns fourteen years old. On this day in 2001, a simple idea changed the world: the idea that anyone, no matter who they are or where they lived, had something to contribute to the sum of all human knowledge.
    Fourteen years later, we’re happy to announce that the Erasmus Prize 2015 was just awarded to Wikipedia and the Wikimedia community. (…)... Read more

  4. Damon Sicore joins Wikimedia Foundation as Vice President of Engineering

  5. Will you join in celebrating the 10th anniversary of Wikimedia Commons?

    Wikimedia Commons is turning 10 years old this Sunday — will you help celebrate? We’re asking everyone to join the Wikimedia community by sharing a freely licensed image with world.... Read more

  6. European court decision punches holes in free knowledge

    A recent European Court of Justice (ECJ) decision is undermining the world’s ability to freely access accurate and verifiable records about individuals and events. The impact on Wikipedia is direct and critical.... Read more

  7. Venture beyond

  8. Hacker osmosis: Ideas abound at the European Hackathon in Zurich

    After an exciting first encounter with the San Francisco-based WMF staff at the May Metrics Meeting where I was introduced as the incoming ED, I had the opportunity this past weekend to meet even more dedicated staff and community members, and learn a little more about what the WMF life is like for our nearly 30% of WMF product and engineering staff that work remotely.... Read more