Joe Matazzoni

  1. Interactive maps, now in your language

    Newly available on all Wikimedia wikis: embeddable maps that make the world a little easier to understand.... Read more

  2. Powerful new search tools help edit patrollers find their targets

    Fact one: Human editors made about 15 million edits to the wikis in March—almost a half million edits a day. If each of those edits took just 10 seconds to review, then checking one day’s changes would require 1,344 hours, or 168 eight-hour workdays.
    Fact two: New editors to the wikis are more likely than others to withdraw from wiki work when their contributions are reverted during edit rev... Read more

  3. All-new notifications page helps Wikimedians focus on what matters most

    A redesigned notifications page and a raft of new features make it easier than ever to manage and monitor your messages.... Read more