Syed Muzammiluddin

  1. Sharing Indian culture with the world through Wikipedia: Ashish Bhatnagar

    Born and raised in a community that embraces different cultures, Ashish Bhatnagar wanted to share what he learned about this community with the world through Wikipedia.... Read more

  2. “I knew that once I started, I wouldn’t be able to stop writing”: Başak Tosun

    Eleven years after hesitating to join Wikipedia, Başak Tosun has now created over 1,100 articles. “Many artists, writers and scientists were missing on Wikipedia,” she says. “I felt empowered knowing I could do something about it.”... Read more

  3. Remembering Khalid Mahmood

    Today marks one year since Khalid Mahmood, a Wikipedia editor and pioneer, passed away after a long illness.... Read more

  4. “Building a free and really ‘neutral’ encyclopedia”: Özkan Poyraz

    He’s made nearly 400,000 edits to Wikimedia sites, and you might be interested in his football and Olympics articles on the Turkish Wikipedia.... Read more

  5. Seeing great potential in the Sindhi Wikipedia: Mehtab Ahmed

    Mehtab Ahmed believes in using Wikipedia to educate masses in their native language.... Read more

  6. Team effort in developing the Khowar Wikipedia

    This post was updated on April 25, 2017. Please see the editor’s note below.... Read more

  7. Improving the constructed language of Esperanto: Dietrich Michael Weidmann

  8. He reaches across continents: editing the Urdu Wikipedia from the Czech Republic

    A Czech contributor is helping to build the Urdu Wikipedia, the national language of Pakistan and six states in India.... Read more

  9. Tireless and dedicated: Justin Knapp

    Profiling a tireless and dedicated American Wikipedian from Indianapolis, Indiana.... Read more

  10. Looking at Wikidata and the future: Gerard Meijssen

    Gerard Meijssen is a high-volume contributor to Wikidata and frequently comments on the state of the Wikimedia movement through his personal blog and posts to Wikimedia-l, the community’s mailing list. ... Read more