Gerard Meijssen

  1. OpenDyslexic font now available on Polish Wikipedia

    For those who suffer from dyslexia, the simple task of reading can become a monumental struggle. It can be hard to understand exactly what what it means to have dyslexia for those who don’t suffer from it, for this reason the condition can often go unaddressed. ... Read more

  2. Introducing the Wikidata “Concept Cloud”

  3. Any language allowed in Wikidata

  4. Lua previewed

  5. Towards a Wikipedia for signed languages

    An interview of Steve Slevinsky, responsible for much of the development that brings sign languages to computers and the Internet. ... Read more

  6. Niklas Laxström, language engineer and Wikimedian

  7. Primary data about languages

  8. The end of the tenth sprint

  9. Fonts and their use in source texts

  10. After the slush, the flood