Geoff Brigham

  1. Appeal filed in Wikimedia v. NSA

    Today, our attorneys at the ACLU filed the opening brief in our appeal of Wikimedia v. NSA, which challenges the National Security Agency’s “Upstream” mass surveillance practices. Our complaint was dismissed last fall on the grounds of standing, and the newly filed brief details the many reasons why we have the right to bring these claims. We expect the government’s response in March, and ... Read more

  2. Notice of appeal filed in Wikimedia v. NSA

    Today, on behalf of the Wikimedia Foundation and our eight co-plaintiffs, the American Civil Liberties Union filed a notice of appeal in Wikimedia v. NSA.... Read more

  3. Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia Deutschland urge Reiss Engelhorn Museum to reconsider suit over public domain works of art

    The suit concerns copyright claims related to 17 images of the museum’s public domain works of art, which have been uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. ... Read more

  4. District court grants government’s motion to dismiss Wikimedia v. NSA, appeal expected

    Today, a federal district court granted the government’s motion to dismiss Wikimedia v. NSA, our lawsuit challenging the U.S. National Security Agency’s (NSA) use of “Upstream” mass surveillance. ... Read more

  5. Wikimedia opposes government’s motion to dismiss Wikimedia v. NSA

    The ACLU filed an opposition yesterday to the U.S. government’s recent motion to dismiss Wikimedia v. NSA, the Wikimedia Foundation’s challenge to the National Security Agency’s “upstream” surveillance program. The filing lays out a point-by-point refutation of the government’s arguments, in advance of a hearing scheduled for September 25.... Read more

  6. Victory in Italy: court rules in favor of the Wikimedia Foundation

    Victory in Italy: court rules that the Wikimedia Foundation “is in a neutral position with respect to the content of the information drafted by its users”... Read more

  7. ACLU files amended complaint on behalf of the Wikimedia Foundation

    On March 10th, the Wikimedia Foundation joined a lawsuit against the NSA over its upstream surveillance program. A hearing is scheduled for late September on the government’s recently filed motion to dismiss the lawsuit.... Read more

  8. The Wikimedia Foundation’s “Got Your Back” when it comes to user privacy

    The Wikimedia Foundation was recently recognized in the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s (EFF) “Who’s Got Your Back?” report.
    We are proud to say that we received perfect marks across all five categories.... Read more

  9. Wikimedia Foundation releases latest transparency report

    In the second half of 2014, the Wikimedia Foundation received hundreds of requests from governments, individuals, and organizations to disclose nonpublic user data and remove content from the Wikimedia Projects. Only three requests were granted.... Read more

  10. Wikimedia v. NSA: Wikimedia Foundation files suit against NSA to challenge upstream mass surveillance

    Today, the Wikimedia Foundation is filing suit against the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) of the United States. The lawsuit challenges the NSA’s mass surveillance program. (..)... Read more