Joe Sutherland

  1. Introducing a resource kit to help organizers handle event safety incidents

    The Support and Safety team, in collaboration with several other Community Engagement teams at the Wikimedia Foundation, has developed a short kit providing event organizers with key actions, scripts, and steps to help them handle event safety issues as they arise at Wikimedia events.... Read more

  2. Introducing training modules: Multilingual resources for combating harassment

    The Wikimedia Foundation’s Support and Safety team has developed six multilingual training modules to help community members independently handle cases of online harassment when they arise. ... Read more

  3. Results from the 2017 Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees elections

    More than 5,000 community members helped select the three individuals who will begin their three-year terms in August.... Read more

  4. The “world’s first gif”, a horse, and a ditch: The English Wikipedia’s ten shortest featured articles

    Now we’ve looked at the English Wikipedia’s longest featured articles, here are the ten shortest.... Read more

  5. Get ready to rock ‘n’ scroll: Here are the English Wikipedia’s ten longest featured articles

    Some articles, it seems, require more research than others. Here are the ten longest featured articles on the English Wikipedia as of today, ranked by the number of words in each.... Read more

  6. “It pays itself back in dividends”: NASA and MediaWiki, a natural pairing

    The wiki’s importance to the team became clear when the unthinkable happened—the team’s server crashed. It was then that the group realised how fundamental this wiki project, launched by three engineers and grown by countless others, had become in their daily routines.... Read more

  7. News on Wikipedia: Leicester City win historic Premier League title

    Leicester City FC - Southampton FC 03-Apr-2016, King Power Stadium 01.jpg

    Once rank outsiders, association football club Leicester City won the Premier League this week to cap a memorable season in England’s top division.... Read more

  8. International Workers’ Day: Nine people who made lives better for workers

    In order of International Workers’ Day, we collect the biographies of nine people who made lives better for laborers.... Read more

  9. News on Wikipedia: Palmyra’s Arch of Triumph recreated in London as Syria reclaims town

    Weeks after Syria reclaimed the UNESCO world heritage site of Palmyra from ISIL, the Institute of Digital Archaeology’s 3D-printed Arch of Triumph was exhibited in London. We look at other projects seeking to protect cultural heritage during times of conflict, including that of imprisoned artist Bassel Khartabil.... Read more

  10. News on Wikipedia: SpaceX takes next step to reusable rockets

    SpaceX landed a reusable rocket on a drone ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. How has Wikipedia covered it?... Read more