Edward Galvez

  1. New survey creates path for hearing from diverse Wikimedia communities

    Last year, we experimented with Community Engagement Insights—a comprehensive project to hear from Wikimedia contributors, and gather input to design Wikimedia Foundation programs and support. We are presenting the findings next Tuesday, October 10, at 9 AM PST.... Read more

  2. Coming soon: A global community survey to learn how to best support Wikimedians

    The new survey, called Community Engagement Insights, is part of the Foundation’s annual plan. It was developed with input from 13 different teams at the Wikimedia Foundation and tested with Wikimedia volunteers. The opinions gathered will directly affect how the Foundation supports Wikimedia communities. ... Read more

  3. Plan your next Wikimedia writing contest with the Evaluation Report and Toolkit

    In the spirit of better understanding Wikimedia programs, the Learning and Evaluation team at Wikimedia Foundation worked with 17 community members to capture data about 39 writing contests to understand the outcomes of contests. We also reached out to interview a variety of program leaders that had hosted successful contests. Today we happily announce the launch of two new products: a writing con... Read more

  4. Evaluation Portal on Meta: A Redesigned Space for Learning

    Just over one year ago, the Wikimedia Foundation started talking about evaluating programs like Wiki Loves Monuments and the Wikipedia Education Program. The goal was to grow support for program leaders to evaluate activities and outcomes that would lead to learning and improving the effectiveness of their programs.... Read more

  5. Asking the right questions: Resources for your survey strategies

    Surveys are an excellent strategy for measuring a group’s interests, behaviors, learning methods and other feedback. They are windows into the mind of the movement and they give us insight we otherwise would not have. These insights are gathered from survey questionnaires, where asking questions the right way becomes very important.... Read more

  6. Beginning to Understand What Works: Measuring the Impact of Wikimedia Programs