Dan Garry

  1. “Visual diffs” make it easier to see editing changes on Wikipedia

    The Wikimedia Foundation’s Editing team announces the launch of visual diffs, which will let users visually review the changes made to Wikimedia sites without requiring knowledge of the wikitext markup language.... Read more

  2. Helping you find that needle in the haystack: Building Wikipedia’s search functions

    On a daily basis, millions of terms are entered into the Wikipedia search engine. What comes back when people search for those terms is largely due to the work of the Wikimedia Foundation’s Discovery team.... Read more

  3. New features on Wikipedia iOS app help readers access, explore, and share knowledge

    The new Wikipedia iOS app lets you easily share facts with friends from your iPhone or iPad, along with a range of new features.... Read more

  4. Share a fact with friends on the Wikipedia Android app

    Enhanced sharing for the Wikipedia app on Android. Highlight an interesting fact from an article and tap “Share” in the overflow menu to create an image which can be shared to social networks and other platforms.... Read more

  5. A more immersive mobile experience on Android devices

    The Wikipedia app makes it easier to access knowledge on the go — and provides a more immersive reading experience on mobile devices. This new Android release features a more image-centric design, improved search functionality, and suggestions for further reading. (…)... Read more

  6. Introducing lead images to Wikipedia’s Android beta app

  7. Official Wikipedia app revamped and now available on iOS and Android

    We’re pleased to announce that, following the successful launch of the revamped Android app in June, today we’ve released the revamped Wikipedia iOS app. Our new official apps are now live on both iOS and Android!... Read more

  8. Revamped Wikipedia app now available on Android

    If you love Wikipedia and have an Android phone, you’re in for a treat! Today we’ve released a revamped Wikipedia for Android app, now available on Google Play.... Read more

  9. Hovercards now available as a Beta Feature on all Wikimedia wikis

  10. OAuth now available on Wikimedia wikis