Chris McMahon

  1. Help us test and investigate VisualEditor

    One of the most important and challenging software development projects at the Wikimedia Foundation right now is VisualEditor: a rich-text editor for Wikipedia that does not require users to learn MediaWiki’s markup syntax. Today, we need your help to make it more robust and reliable.... Read more

  2. How do you establish a QA & Testing practice for an open community?

    To keep up with the growth of Wikipedia and its community, one goal of the engineering team at the Wikimedia Foundation for this year is to establish a Quality Assurance (QA) practice for software development, including MediaWiki itself, extensions, and also projects like Article Feedback and Editor Engagement. But how do you establish a QA & Testing practice for a development process that in... Read more

  3. Collaborative software testing: you can help

    Building on the success of the Weekend Testing event, we will be collaborating with OpenHatch on another community testing event on June 9th, 2012, with the aim of discovering issues with the new Article Feedback Tool (AFT).... Read more