Chris Schilling

  1. Inspire Campaign’s final report shows achievements in gender diversity and representation within the Wikimedia movement

    Inspire grantees have improved the representation of women within our movement, one person, article, tool, training, and discussion at a time. ... Read more

  2. Inspire Campaign: Building ideas collaboratively to address harassment on Wikimedia projects

    To improve the way that harassment is prevented and managed on the Wikimedia sites, we’ve launched an idea-building event called the Inspire Campaign.... Read more

  3. Inspire Campaign promotes quality and visibility of content across Wikimedia projects

    A month-long event, called the Inspire Campaign, focused on developing ideas to improve the way contributors review and curate project has recently concluded. Over 250 people submitted or contributed to 100 ideas during the campaign. Contributors interested in improving the quality and accessibility of Wikimedia content are encouraged to review submitted ideas, make suggestions, and volunteer to h... Read more

  4. Reimagining the Wikimedia Foundation’s grants

    Participation from over 200 community members in the Reimagining WMF grants consultation led to planned changes to WMF’s grants programs.... Read more

  5. Get help editing Wikipedia with the new “Co-op” mentorship program

    The pilot of a new mentorship space for editors called the Co-op on the English Wikipedia was completed earlier this year. Results from the pilot revealed benefits for newer editors in terms of retention and productivity, and subsequently, the Co-op has recently been opened for general usage. We are seeking new editors, mentors, and others interested in maintaining, improving, or otherwise partici... Read more