Arthur Richards

  1. Building collaboration into annual planning: An experimental new approach

    Our annual planning was a little different this year.... Read more

  2. Developing Distributedly, Part 2: Best Practices for Staying in Sync

  3. Developing Distributedly, Part 1: Tools for Remote Collaboration

  4. Fundraiser engineering heats up: Sprints 5 & 6 update

  5. 2011 Fundraiser Engineering Is Underway!

    Engineering efforts for the 2011 annual Wikimedia Foundation fundraiser are underway. This year’s efforts kicked off at the end of May and will be ongoing through the 2011 fundraiser. This article is the first in a series of posts that we will make following the completion of our development sprints. We will provide an overview of what happened during the sprint, discuss some of the challeng... Read more