Astrid Carlsen

  1. Community digest: Norwegian-Armenian partnership to improve Wikipedia’s content on the two countries; news in brief

    Wikipedians in Armenia and Norway collaborated in a cross-cultural writing contest. In addition, this week’s news in brief includes a program to support open-source science in Germany, events celebrating Black History Month and Women History Month, updates about Wikimania 2017, and more.... Read more

  2. When the Nobel Peace Prize laureate is announced, Wikipedia editors will be there to document them

    This Friday, Wikipedians around the world will gather for #Wikinobel 2016—a collaborative effort to ensure that as many Wikipedias as possible have an article on this year’s Peace Prize laureate.... Read more

  3. Semi-automated content translation is coming to Scandinavian Wikipedias

    Machine translation between Scandinavian languages with the Wikimedia Foundation’s content translation tool will soon be a reality, allowing every contributor and editor on Wikipedia to help expand free knowledge, regardless of their spoken language.... Read more

  4. Join us for #Wikinobel 2015

    On October 9, this year’s laureate(s) of the Nobel Peace Prize will be announced by the Nobel Committee in Oslo. Wikipedians will be there updating Wikipedia as it happens.... Read more

  5. Pang-start 2014: A collaboration between the Oslo National Academy of the Arts and Wikimedia Norge

    In June 2014, Wikimedia Norge was contacted by Andreas Berg, a professor of illustrations at the department of graphic design and illustration at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. He had an idea. […] The aim of this workshop was to teach students how to design and make use of freely licenced illustrations. […]... Read more

  6. How the #wikinobel Nobel Peace Prize collaboration came to be

    In April 2013, the Nobel Peace Center and Wikimedia Norway came together for their first collaboration: an edit-a-thon to enhance the quality of Wikipedia articles on the Nobel Peace Prize, various Peace Prize laureates, and other related articles on war, peace and conflict resolution […]... Read more

  7. #Wikinobel

    The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize will be announced this Friday, and in cooperation with Wikimedia Norge, the Nobel Peace Center has invited Wikipedians from the Norwegian Wikipedia community to an editathon to improve the article about the winner(s?) as soon as possible. […]... Read more