Amir E. Aharoni

  1. New Wikipedia feature gives you the power to choose whatever language you want

    A new feature makes it easier for English-speaking Wikipedia readers to find versions of the article they’re reading in other languages. To mark the occasion, Amir Aharoni of the Wikimedia Foundation’s Language team details the history of interlanguage links on Wikipedia and details what went into the new feature.... Read more

  2. Translating the software that powers Wikipedia

    Strategies for success in free software localization.... Read more

  3. Bashkir becomes the first language collated inside MediaWiki

    Are the names of articles in the wiki in your language shown in the correct alphabetical order? If not, perhaps you can now fix this similarly to how it was done for the Bashkir language.... Read more

  4. Brand-new template support for the content translation tool

    Content Translation is getting a major new feature: completely re-written support for templates, making it easier to translate templates across languages.... Read more

  5. Content Translation helped create 30,000 new Wikipedia articles this year

    Content Translation has helped create 30,000 new Wikipedia articles since the beginning of 2015. In our latest update, we’ve covered some important milestones.... Read more

  6. Getting newcomers into Wikipedia with Content Translation

    Content Translation is changing the way people access and use Wikipedia and allowing all speakers of African languages to improve online educational content in their languages.... Read more

  7. Try Content Translation: A quick way to create new articles from other languages

    Try Content Translation: A quick way to create new articles from other languages. This new tool makes it easy to translate articles from one language to another. It is now available as a beta feature in 8 different languages. (…)... Read more

  8. Content Translation: 100 published articles, and more to come!

  9. MediaWiki localization file format changed from PHP to JSON

  10. Restoring the forgotten Javanese script through Wikimedia