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  1. Where to find all the slides, links, videos, and tutorials from Wikimania 2017 (and what we learned from our remote-first strategy)

    In August, 900+ people gathered in Montreal for five days of workshops, a hackathon, edit-a-thons, presentations, and keynote talks on topics ranging from how to use Wikidata tools to the future of real-time collaboration. If you weren’t able to attend Wikimania 2017 in person, fear not: We have gathered the available notes, presentation material, and video streams from presenters—and detailed... Read more

  2. Italy’s video game archive breathes life into gaming history and culture

    Fifteen people gathered at the Cineteca di Bologna’s video game archive to find reliable sources and expand Wikipedia’s free knowledge.... Read more

  3. Pairing videos with math: Illustrating mathematical concepts in Brazil

    Cross-national studies that assess mathematical literacy show that Brazil ranks amongst the worst. As Wikimedia volunteers, we believe we can have an impact on this pervasive innumeracy in Brazil.... Read more

  4. A passion for hurricanes and video games: Brenden Moses

    Brenden Moses joined Wikipedia at a very young age. In the past nine years, he has invested his interest in storms and other topics to contribute 177 quality articles on Wikipedia.... Read more

  5. No Man’s Sky and the drive to improve Wikipedia’s coverage of video games

    Casual readers may not notice that the English Wikipedia’s video game articles, like No Man’s Sky, usually adhere to a set of stringent guidelines.... Read more

  6. Wikimedia Israel and the Israeli News Company bring new video content to the Wikimedia projects

    Wikimedia Commons, the online repository of free-use media, hosts more than 31 million media files, but videos are still just a fraction of the files (about 75,000 videos, less than 0.1%). To help close that gap, Wikimedia Israel has begun a new cooperation with the Israeli News Company.... Read more

  7. Live a year in 4 minutes: Introducing #Edit2015, Wikipedia’s year-in-review video

    #Edit2015 captures a tiny portion of the millions of edits that the world made to Wikipedia in 2015.... Read more

  8. Colabora para realizar #Edit2015: Ano em Revista da Wikipédia em vídeo

    Tu podes colaborar para fazer #Edit2015: o vídeo do Ano em Revista da Wikipédia. Leia como juntos podemos editar a nossa história compartilhada dos acontecimentos de 2015 mediante a busca de artigos, carregando fotos e desenvolvendo a história deste 2015 como um vídeo que será compartilhado livre e amplamente.... Read more

  9. Collaborate to make #Edit2015: a Wikipedia Year-in-Review video

    You can collaborate to make #Edit2015: a Wikipedia Year-in-Review video. Read how together we can edit our shared history of the events of 2015 by finding articles, uploading photos and developing the story of 2015 as a video that will be shared freely and widely.... Read more

  10. Alumnos del Tecnológico de Monterrey completan dos grandes proyectos de video

    Alumnos del Tecnológico de Monterrey y el Wiki Learning User Group exploran cómo crear videos profesionales con un doble objetivo: hacer tutoriales para sus compañeros, y documentar el trabajo innovador en Wikimedia. ... Read more