June, 2018

  1. How the EU copyright proposal will hurt the web and Wikipedia

    A proposed new copyright package in the European Union is a threat to our fundamental right to freely share information. The time to speak out is now.... Read more

  2. Interactive maps, now in your language

    Newly available on all Wikimedia wikis: embeddable maps that make the world a little easier to understand.... Read more

  3. Time is running out to defend user rights online

    Now that it has passed a critical vote in the European Parliament, we have one last opportunity to make the EU revise its proposed copyright directive and ensure the internet stays open for everyone.... Read more

  4. Wikimedia Research Newsletter, May 2018

    Why people don’t contribute to Wikipedia; using Wikipedia to teach statistics, technical writing, and controversial issues
    With contributions by: Miriam Redi, Barbara Page, FULBERT, and Piotr Konieczny... Read more

  5. Wikimedia Foundation partners with the GSMA to expand digital literacy in emerging countries

    As part of our 2030 vision, the Wikimedia Foundation is working to expand partnerships with organisations like the GSMA to empower communities through digital skills training and participation in knowledge creation and sharing.... Read more

  6. Kusudamas and production schedules: The joy of being a Visiting Wikimedian for the Wikimedia Conference

    Vira Motorko is a Project Manager at Wikimedia Ukraine. Through Wikimedia Germany’s Visiting Wikimedian program, they helped plan the 2018 Wikimedia Conference, held earlier this year in Berlin.... Read more

  7. For these Wikipedia editors, ancient Egyptian pyramids are more than a symbol

    Two of Wikipedia’s editors speak out about what motivates them to write about ancient Egypt on Wikipedia.... Read more

  8. The insights series: Sam Oyeyele

    Interviews with Wikimedians from emerging communities from Africa, Asia and Latin America, sharing their experiences of Wikimedia Conference 2018 and what the free knowledge movement means to them.... Read more

  9. Don’t force platforms to replace communities with algorithms

    As policymakers increasingly suggest technological solutions to fight illegal and controversial content online, we ask them to consider the rights of internet users and to leave room for the human side of content moderation.... Read more

  10. Don’t panic! Build your own Hitchhiker’s Guide with Wikipedia

    Enter Kiwix, the offline Wikipedia reader.... Read more